Russell Taylors is a diversified, market-driven consumers products brand. It has captured the heart of many households since its incorporation. From masterful design, to precise engineering, robust testing and global certification, Russell Taylors brings you quality and excellence in all of its products. With affordability in mind, Russell Taylors delivers the best value for money with outstanding after sales services.

Our Philosophy

Russell Taylors aims not only to be a household brand, but to also offer total solutions in ozur products & services. To that end, we will leverage the strengths of our suppliers, in-house research & consumer feedback to produce multi-faceted innovation. Essentially, Russell Taylors aims to create novel value; indispensable value which has never been seen before.

Optimizing Production processes to minimize waste
Adopting “Green” practices across all business segments
Pledging Support for local & state-wide environmental efforts

Russell Taylors shall continue to expand its brand through organic growth and strategic market diversification. At the same time, Russell Taylors, as an environmental steward, is committed to maintaining a clean environment & conserving natural resources. A fundamental element of the brand philosophy is diversity. Russell Taylors ensures all business-related activities are in accordance with equal opportunities and inclusive policies; fostering mutual respect and promoting a harmonious, productive environment.

We Care

Tell us about your purchase and experience. Get in touch with us through social media or our website. We’d love to know how you are enjoying our product and/or services, and your feedback is invaluable in our continuous efforts of improvement and innovation.

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Russell Taylors fosters strong relationships with all clients to form mutually beneficial long term partnerships. In keeping with the brand philosophy, we actively seeks new business collaborations and opportunities for market expansion & diversification.

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