Russell Taylors iCool Air Cooler 5L AC-6

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Product Highlights

  • AIR COOLER, HUMIDIFIER, FAN - Combines the benefits of an Air Cooler, Fan, and Humidifier all into one package. It is an air cooler that provides a cool breeze through evaporating water into the air, an 80° oscillating fan with three speeds, and a humidifier that provides moisture into the air. PLEASE NOTE: This is an air cooler, not an air conditioner. It will blow cold air and cool your ambient temperature; it will not cool a whole room down.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE - Lightweight design so you can place anywhere in your home with ease. Great for your home office, home gym, bedroom, living room. Also great for hot days outside on the patio when you want a cool breeze.
  • REDUCE YOUR ENERGY BILL - The iCool only draws 80 watts of power, compared to air conditioners which can draw over 3500 Watts. For days when you are only in one room, the iCool is great when you don’t want to use the extra power to turn on A/C. iCools low energy consumption makes it great for Campers and RV's
  • 5L WATER TANK - Extra-large water tank so you won’t have to repeatedly refill the water tank throughout the day.

Tech Specification

General Info
Power 80W
Voltage 220 - 240V
Water Tank Capacity 5L
Speed 3 Fan Speeds
Cooling Packs 2 Pieces
Plug 3-Pin Plug
Warranty Info

This product is backed with a 2 years limited warranty under Russell Taylors. All Russell Taylors products are to be used for household use, warranty will be VOID if the product is used for commercial use.

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