Russell Taylors’ Exclusive Disney Collection

On the 20th of January 2022, we announced our most recent and notable product to date, our exclusive Mickey & Friends Collection in collaboration with Disney Malaysia. These eye-catching red appliances will undoubtedly stand out in your kitchen. Cooking and baking have never been more fun and exciting!

Currently, this exclusive collection comprises 5 appliances.

Disney Mickey And Friends Air Fryer D1.

  • It has a large basket capacity of 4.8L, which can fit one whole chicken weighing up to 1.5kg. The air fryer is simple to use, with an adjustable timer of up to 30 minutes and an adjustable temperature range of 80°C - 200°C. Furthermore, the rapid air technology allows you to cook your food faster, healthier because it uses less oil, and crisp to perfection. 

Disney Mickey And Friends Pressure Cooker D2.

  • Its 6L capacity is sufficient to serve food to your entire family. D2 comes with 11 smart preset programs for a variety of purposes that will meet your cooking needs. The inner cooking pot, on the other hand, is free of any chemical coating. Furthermore, the pressure cooker's lid cannot be opened until the pressure is released. These features are intended to keep you safe while using the appliance.

Disney Mickey And Friends Toaster D3.

  • It has a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from other toasters on the market. D3 has two extra-wide slots that can accommodate thin and thick-sliced bread, bagels or any other food that can be toasted. Its high-lift lever makes it easy to remove your toast. D3 also has a built-in Mickey's imprint pattern, which will certainly brighten your mood in the morning.

Disney Mickey And Friends Stand Mixer D5.

  • Its stainless-steel bowl has a capacity of 3.5L and is ideal for frosting, meringue, creamy dressings, doughs, baked goods, and more. A 6-speed control and anti-slip suction pads will make the mixing process a lot easier for you.

Disney Mickey And Friends Multifunctional Hand Blender D6.

  • It comes with a hand blender, a blender bar, a 600ml beaker, a 500ml chopper bowl, and a whisk. Its ergonomic design provides a non-slip and comfortable grip when blending. The removable blending arm with fixed blade locks into the motor body for simple operation. With two speeds to choose from, you can blend your ingredients at your desired speed.

Originally written by: Wan Ahmad

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